with another false dawn of a developing serenade in me
these blank pages send a wave of tirade in me

once again, I reverberate a fountain of springing thoughts
vainly, i feel a thousand emotions cascade in me

the voice inside of me has become too alpine to be reached
which sin of mine has ricocheted in me?

i weep at this misfortune, my reticence from myself
i fail to give tongue to the verses disarrayed in me

incessant despair showers over my tattered spirit
my ribs hold hostage, a grenade in me

if words part with me, my breaths might cease
forever, poetry and death have swayed in me

my forced smile is a veneer to hide this sorrow
a part of myself feels betrayed in me

a perilous drought has settled between me and this paper
a tough knot of insecurities has perpetually stayed in me

~Imrana Tak

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…of my ghazal

A millionth time, I envision you, you are everywhere
You are the death of me, the birthplace of my ghazal

All I see, dear muse, are wisps of your silhouette
I wonder who they think is the face of my ghazal?

My heartbreak is picturesque, you exist! yet you don’t
Don’t you see that you’re the one, the saving grace of my ghazal?

I wonder if we’re soulmates, do I cross your mind as well?
And will you ever witness even a trace of my ghazal?

It chills me to the bone, will love remain a cloud abstract?
Or will it rain when we meet, in this place of my ghazal?

If we ever converge, I will surrender my ecstatic self
You are the sole motive, the base of my ghazal

Moments will melt, from take my hand to take me home
You will heal every bruise of mine, fill every space of my ghazal

~Imrana Tak

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while you dream of a liberating exile tonight
i swim oceans, though immobile, tonight

a thousand reasons to leave dawn on me but
how treacherous is your moonlit profile tonight

see closeness of bones isn’t closeness of souls
this distance stretches miles tonight

our hearts have lost their rhythmic syncopation
the air castles are a crumpled pile tonight

the silken crescent moon watches stealthily
this self soul talk is worthwhile tonight

the air is heavy with an aroma of letting go
does hope not taste like bile tonight?

an overthinking aftermath or an epiphany
but wishful thinking does not beguile tonight

where has all the velvety tenderness gone?
my mouth is a potential missile tonight

i let metaphors slide onto this paper
let this poem unfold and compile tonight

-Imrana Tak


If you fall for
someone else’s
skin and bone
after I strip
my soul bare for you,
then I let you go
with a heavy heart,
but without

-you are not my soulmate

Imrana Tak


I have sensed your spirit
I’ve been led to you
by the stars
I have set ablaze
all the signs of you
The moon knows,
It was the first to catch fire …

Imrana Tak

In my next birth

In my next birth,
I want to be the moon
To admire the beauty of the earth,
From a million miles afar
To share the secrets of the night owls,
Who cry their hearts out after dusk
Who entrust theirselves to the twilight,
Both the whole and broken ones
Who find comfort in watching me,
When love fails every day
And though they’re left terribly alone,
They’ll know I’m here to stay

-Imrana Tak


All those years
set on fire,
with a simple spark
of a lie.
There’s no going
when two souls
don’t want
to try.
And fairytales
matter no more,
when the magic
ceases to work.
And the colors fade
to nothingness,
and the chords play
tunes berserk.

-Imrana Tak©